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What to Do After a House Fire?

What to Do After a House FireFalling victim to a house fire may have devastating effects.

While it’s nearly impossible to prepare for a fire fully, you can take steps to minimise its destruction by managing variables like smoke damage. This involves quickly engaging in fire damage restoration action like assessing the extent of the damage, protecting the items that weren’t damaged and starting building restoration.

Herein is an insight on how you can reduce costly repair bills and mitigate future issues that may emerge due to smoke damage and weakened structures.

Step 1: Conduct an assessment

After the fire has subsided, the first thing you should do is contact a professional fire restoration company like Tersus Ltd to conduct an assessment checking the extent of the smoke and fire damage, investigate how far the fire got into the house’s structure and how much of its surface is covered by smoke and soot. Moreover, examine if the furniture, fixtures, and walls have indications of heat damage.

Whether you undertake the damage assessment yourself or hire a professional company like Tersus Ltd, ensure that you record and document everything accurately for insurance purposes. After your insurance company has completed their assessment of the damage and subject to their approval anything untouched by fire should be removed from the affected premise immediately. Smoke and soot can build up on your office electronics and furniture and damage them, increasing the losses you incur.

Hire the right restoration company

This is likely the first encounter you are having with fire. You should know that it’s crucial you hire the right restoration company such as Tersus Ltd to handle the rest of the process before or after the initial assessment, depending on what you prefer.

Before settling on any restoration company, take a moment and make the right decision.

  • Ask your insurance provider for references
  • Investigate the history of any potential restoration companies.
  • Request to see certifications.
  • Ask about the experience of their staff

Step 2: Clearing and removal

Cleaning and removing the smoke and soot that from a house fire can be a considerable challenge. This is because most of the staining that occurs on the surfaces of a building during fire goes deep. Tersus will apply deep cleaning and specialist techniques to remove smoke and soot from the surfaces

Step 3: Renovation

Having to deal with the effects of a fire on your property is devastating.

Tersus Ltd, as part of this process, will carry out the specialist fire restoration works and assist in all the refurbishment works in putting your home back to its pre-loss condition quickly and efficiently. Visit our Fire Damage Page to see what services we offer.

Contact us if your house has been effected by fire damage.


Below is an infographic visualising this blog on what to do after a house fire.

What to Do After a House Fire

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To help insurance professionals we’ve created a complete fire safety guide that outlines the most common causes of houses fires, fire prevention in the home and the steps people need to take after a house fire has occurred.

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