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 What do Fire Restoration Companies Do?

what do fire restoration companies do

Some property owners might think of restoring fire damage on their own, thinking that they’ll save after all. Others who are privacy-conscious will feel uncomfortable when strangers get into their homes. Regardless of the case, it’s essential to understand that a fire restoration company such as TERSUS will help you save more than you think in the entire process.

Most fire restoration companies have been in business for years, meaning they effectively understand how to tackle various fire damage problems.

When you DIY restoration, there are higher chances that you’ll make some costly mistakes. In this case, you’ll also be required to hire a fire restoration company to make the necessary adjustments. Instead of undergoing all these, why not hire TERSUS as your professional fire restoration company at once?

What do fire restoration companies do? 

Fire restoration is a delicate and challenging task that requires professional help. Fire is very destructive. However, it’s not always easy to prepare for fire outbreaks because they can occur anytime due to various reasons like faulty wiring, smoking, faulty electrical or cooking equipment. Whatever you can do is minimize the losses in case there’s a fire outbreak. Below are some top things that fire restoration companies do:

1. Damage assessment

Fire restoration companies start by assessing the damage level caused by the fire outbreak before they can start the restoration process. Before they even assess the damage, they first check the property’s safety to ensure they don’t risk their lives. The damage assessment performed involves the analysis of the following:

– The general extent of damage to the property

– The depth of fire penetration

– Quantity of soot and smoke on the walls, roof, and ceiling surfaces

– Water intrusion resulting from the fire outbreak

– Signs of damage on the property fixtures and furniture

This assessment helps the fire restoration companies know the items that should be restored or discarded. This assessment would also help you in your property claim from your insurance provider. After the assessment is complete, the fire restoration company will give you information regarding the duration it’ll take to complete the restoration process and the estimated costs that you’ll incur.

2. Securing premises

It’s common for people to run and check what’s going on in case of a fire outbreak. Security of belongings is therefore essential after a fire outbreak. A professional fire restoration company will help you to secure your premises by fencing your property, repairing the roof in case it’s damaged to prevent further damage from weather elements, and removal of debris that can cause further damages.

3. Minimizing further damages

Fire restoration companies will help property owners in minimizing further damages. After a fire outbreak, some structures can become weak, and thereby increasing their likelihood of creating more problems. Additionally, homeowners might also get water damage as a result of fire outbreaks where fixtures become weak or loose and thus allowing water out. Fire restoration companies will also help check if there are any leaks or moisture that can cause the growth of mold and mildew.

4. Cleanup

Immediately after a fire outbreak, there’s usually a lot of soot and smoke that settles on different surfaces. This causes a lot of staining resulting in a change in the appearance of these surfaces. Removing these soot and smoke stains isn’t an as easy task as it may seem. A professional fire restoration company has the necessary equipment for scrubbing and eliminating these kinds of stains. Sometimes, the soot and smoke can cause odors on your premises. These professionals come equipped with the best deodorizing agents to eliminate the odors. On the other hand, if the fire causes water damage, they’ll remove all the moisture to prevent mold growth.

5. Repairs

Sometimes fire outbreaks don’t necessarily result in total damage of belongings or the structure. In this case, repairs can easily be made, thus preventing the extra costs required for purchasing new items such as furniture. A professional fire restoration company will make the necessary repairs ranging from strip-out , carpentry , repainting your wall etc. Fire restoration companies have a team of experts for handling the different kinds of repairs when there’s fire damage.

6. Construction and restoration

Fire restoration companies also help in the construction and restoration of fire-damaged areas. Areas that are completely damaged require immediate replacement, including walls, floors, interior counters, and electrical fixtures. These are some of the things done by professional fire restoration companies. At Tersus we provide a full turnkey range of services to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Why hire a professional fire restoration company?

1. Experience

A fire restoration company has the relevant experience required in handling fire damage. Trying to do it yourself can result in more damages and thus more costs.

2. Safety

Safety is usually a concern after a fire outbreak. If you hire a fire restoration company, your safety will be guaranteed because they’ll analyze the extent of damage, check all possible safety concerns, especially on the structure, and give the best solutions.3

3. Insurance

Professional fire restoration companies are insured, meaning that they’re liable for any accident that occurs. This will give you peace of mind, unlike in DIY projects, whereas the property owner, you’ll be responsible for any compensation in case of personal injury, disability, or death.

4. Necessary equipment

A professional fire restoration company has the required tools and equipment for handling various fire damage tasks. If you decide to DIY, you’ll incur a lot of costs purchasing these tools and equipment, which can sometimes be very expensive.

In conclusion, these are some of the top reasons why it’s essential to hire a professional fire restoration company. If you’ve fire damage in your property and you’re looking for a professional fire restoration company,, is the best solution. For more information regarding our fire restoration services, you can visit our website or call us directly, and we’ll respond immediately.

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