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Halloween Fire Safety Tips

Halloween Fire SafetyHalloween is fast approaching. Halloween is a time of scares and thrills, but you will want to avoid some horrors over Halloween, such as fires. We are sharing a few of our Halloween fire safety tips to ensure everyone has a safe but festive Halloween. 

Increased Risks at Halloween

The Halloween period usually sees a rise in fires and callouts. There are multiple reasons for this, with the increased use of heat sources such as candles, bonfires and fireworks. You can easily avoid some of these once you know how to spot the risk. In 2021, there were 186 fire calls in Dublin alone on Halloween night.

Make the Switch to Battery Powered Tea Lights

One of our main Halloween fire safety tips is to switch from lit candles to battery-operated ones. Why is this? If you have carved up a pumpkin, lit a candle and placed it inside, it is a considerable fire hazard. All it takes is someone to knock it over, such as you, your pet or your children. It could then set furniture on fire, and it can get out of control in no time. It is more common than you would believe.

Using battery-operated tea lights or candles is much safer as there is no naked flame risking a fire. If the pumpkin is knocked over, then all is well. You just put everything back in its place and carry on. It may not have the bright candle effect, but in the interest of fire safety, it is the best choice. 

Be Careful with Halloween Costumes

We love seeing creative and unique Halloween costumes, but they can be a fire hazard, so you do have to be cautious when wearing them. They typically consist of long flowing robes or capes, which can easily catch fire from a candle or a flame. It is mainly a hazard for children who wouldn’t be aware of the risks. 

To keep your children safe in costumes, you should not have open flames or candles in your home. Leave off lighting a fire on Halloween night and maybe stick the heating on instead. It would be best if you eliminated the risk of their costume catching fire. 

Keep Decorations Away from Flames

Most Halloween decorations are made of flammable materials such as hay, paper, cornstalk and more. Keep all decorations away from open flames and other heat sources, such as heaters and lightbulbs. We often see Halloween decorations near lit fireplaces, a recipe for disaster. It could fall, or there could be an accident, and it could easily catch fire. 

Stay Safe at Bonfires

Bonfires are a common tradition at Halloween, even if they are illegal. You should only attend a bonfire which is an organised event built responsibly. Some bonfires contain many harmful materials such as tyres, plastics and even household rubbish. Inhaling these materials can be dangerous, especially for those with asthma or breathing problems.

Never get too close to a bonfire. If you feel too hot, you are too close and need to step back. Some bonfires can be extremely tall, so stand well clear or avoid these ones if possible. They will collapse, and you don’t want to be standing close when they do.

Enjoy this Halloween. Trick-or-treat in your neighbourhood but don’t forget these essential Halloween fire safety tips.

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