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Why Tersus?
No property damage repair job is too large or complex for our team of highly skilled contractors, working from offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Our services include water damage mitigation, fire and contents cleaning/decontamination, mould remediation, reconstruction and much more. A core principle of Tersus is the importance of our customer service ethos.

Working with Your Insurance Company
We can work directly with your insurance company to help alleviate the often stressful claims procedure process.

What we do
Since our inception as Tersus, we have worked with owners of residential homes, apartments, holiday villages, commercial, community and retail properties, hotels, schools that have been damaged, or suffer from latent defects. Tersus works with clients to bring contents within damaged properties back to pre-loss condition effectively and efficiently while minimising liability for involved parties.

Customer Service
We are committed to delivering the highest standards of work with efficiency and empathy knowing just how critical it is to our clients that their lives, livelihoods and properties are restored as quickly and effectively as possible. You can count on our national service to be there when you need it most.

Training & Equipment
At Tersus, good training is of paramount importance. We ensure that our team undergo regular training and up-skilling. Our skilled and experienced contractors are also equipped with a full suite of specialist tools for damage assessment and mitigation. Our fleet of dedicated vehicles and specialist equipment ensures that we can carry out each project efficiently, safely and effectively.

Below are some photos from a recent Tersus training event as well as some photos of the specialist equipment we’ve used in recent property restoration works.

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