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Tersus is highly experienced in the latent defects sector. Latent defects insurance is an insurance that covers against unexpected or non-visible defects, poor workmanship (wooden beams, interior bricks), inadequate materials or bad design in general. Usually the defects are not discovered until work completion. These are generally defects that cannot be seen on close inspection and are usually hidden and one would need to break through areas of the property in order to access and view the extent of damages.

What We Do:

Tersus Ltd will work with your design and engineering team to evaluate the extent of the latent defect at your property. Once known, we will put in place an experienced management and operational team to complete all works in a turnkey fashion. We deliver on value for money with high customer service levels. We will be responsive when you call and communicate to all parties throughout the lifecycle of your project.

These are some examples of properties suffering from latent defects, that were restored and reinstated by Tersus Ltd. in Hollyhill, Kenmare and Tara.

Latent Defect Services Include:

  • Opening up works
  • Commercial and Residential properties
  • Turnkey & Solution driven team
  • Work with your design and engineering team
  • Structural improvements